Focus and Scope

Adl Islamic Economic (E. ISSN 2723-1771, P. ISSN 2722-2810) is an electronic scientific journal published print out and online once six a month (Mei and November). Adl Islamic Economic aims to improve the quality of research and development of Islamic economics. Adl Islamic Economic received the results of studies and research articles that have not been published in other media and invited various practitioners, scholars and the general public who are interested in the study of Islamic economics. Adl Islamic Economi will not accept research articles or manuscripts that have been sent and published elsewhere and also book reviews, evaluation programs or articles that are not in accordance with the focus and scope. All research articles must be written in Indonesian or English. Adl Islamic Economic covered various of research approach, namely: quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods. Adl Islamic Economic focuses related on various of themes, topics and aspects of Islamic Economic including (but not limited to) the following topics:

1. History of Islamic Economic Thought

2. Islamic Economic Management

3. Islamic Economics Theory

4. Islamic Economic Ethics

5. Islamic Economic Finance